Avimedica is one of the most preferred by breeders brands of supplements for pigeons . The company has been present on the European market since 2009.
In the beginning Avimedica dealt with the broad diagnosis of pigeons diseases, their prevention and treatment. Our aim was always to minimize the use of chemotherapeutics during treatment and in the prophylaxis. Unfortunately, most of the pigeons during their lives take far too many chemical drugs, often without any specific need, which is more harmful than helpful in keeping them in good shape. In our prevention programs for pigeons we have always used the largest amount of natural preparations. Knowledge of the practical side of the most common problems faced by the breeders of pigeons resulted in the development of original recipes thanks to which a complete line of natural preparations Avimedica was created.
Avimedica products are balanced specifically for pigeons and terms of use in particular season of the year. We offer a wide choice of products. Among them breeders will find universal preparations, supporting treatment of infectious and invasive diseases, supporting the internal organs and specialized for racing and fancy pigeons. Our products are created with only high-quality natural ingredients and their manufacturing process is carried out under the supervision of the State Veterinary Inspection, so breeders can be sure that our preparations are of the highest quality. Besides that, thanks to the cooperation with numerous breeders and the use of Avimedica supplements in own flock of pigeons, we are sure that we give breeders safe preparations, not causing side effects, but most of all effective.
Avimedica is a combination of passion, knowledge and enthusiasm thanks to which every year the breeders receive new product lines dedicated for their pigeons so they were in even better shape , and every contests always ended in success ! We invite you to get familiar with our offer, because certainly every breeder will find something for himself!